About us

Follow your passion, and success will follow you

With the desire to create a different type of leather, we started this project in 2021 using more than 6 years of knowledge in the leather industry.

The beggining

Our company past is connected with the leather industry since 2006, when Andrew, our project manager, decided to leave the corporatist world and establish a leather goods company, pushed by the desire of creation and the concept of goods Made in Britain.


Approaching the global market was very important for identifying different types of clients and their taste in terms of design and quality requests. During this time we found that consumers are open to new leather designs and are willing to pay the right price for an unique product.

Our vast chain of logistic build during this time helped us to find and compare the best leathers on the market. It was impossible not to appreciate the knowledge and tradition of the Italian tanneries, known for their unique tanning process.
We had to admit that the passion for leather in Italy has developed a cult of perfection, especcialy in the Tuscany region, a well known region of Italy for the vegetable tanning process they use to achieve one or maybe the best vegetable tanned leather in the world

We’ve found that Vaccheta leather, a Tuscany specific leather, has all the qualities to be our choice for vegetable tanned leather. The tanning procees and oils used, make this type of leather very easy to work with, compiling the most artisans demands. With its medium firm temper it is suitable for most of the leather goods and artisans projects.

Edge burnish and skiving

We know that the edges are one of the most important part of the final leather product. Due to its specific oils and great fiber dispersion we find vachetta the best choice for slick edges. Easy to be skived you’ll get the best edges with less effort making it also suitable for begginers.


Working with a great team of chemists specialised in the leather industry, we found the best coating for our leather, creating a medium-gloss flexible layer that protects your product against light scratches and water drops.


And the good news don’t stop here. Because this project was build around artisans, our unique leather comes in any thickness you need. We know that many of the artisans don’t have access to a splitting machine and we want to provide the complete package for your business. From 0.8mm to 2.5mm (0.1mm increments) you can always choose the thickness suitable for your project.  

Always in stock

A supplier you can rely on always has the products in stock.
With Free delivery and always in stock you don’t have to  invest in leather for more than you need. Choosing from A4 or A3 size vegetable tanned leather shoulder precut panels you can buy your leather when you take an order from your client.

Working for you

Our research and design team runs studies constantly to find the best marketable designs for you. Together with the marketing team, we try to find the best ways for your end products to be marketable. Because your success is our success we try to build a specific partnership with each one of you.  

Leather for any artisan

Even if you’re just starting your business or this is what you do in the morning we can work together to change the way your products look like.