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Any thickness you need

Our leather comes in any thickness you need. We know that many of the artisans don’t have access to a splitting machine and we want to provide the complete package for your business. From 0.8mm to 2.5mm (0.1mm increments) you can aways choose the thickness suitable for your project.

Special coating, great burnish, easy skiving

Medium-gloss flexible layer that protects your product against light scratches and water drops. Due to its specific oils and great fiber dispersion Russo leather is the best choice for slick edges. Easy to be skived you’ll get the best edges with less effort making it also suitable for begginers.

Always in stock

With Free delivery and always in stock you don’t have to invest in leather for more than you need. Choosing from A4 or A3 size vegetable tanned leather shoulder precut panels you can buy your leather when you take an order from your client.

"Excellence through passion for leather"

Unique designs for your special clients
Vibrant colours that add more value to your work
Make leather products that sell